5 Years of Progress

Since 2015, the City of Grand Ledge has made tremendous progress in areas of:

  • Property Development
  • Economic Development
  • Finance and Policy
  • Infrastructure

This video marks many significant accomplishments, valuable partnerships, and sustained growth that give our City the foundation to be called, naturally grand.

  1. Property Development
  2. Economic Development
  3. Finance & Policy
  4. Infrastructure

Property Development Accomplishments

Since 2015, the City of Grand Ledge has received over $3.7 million dollars in grants, donations, and State/Federal allocations to aid in property development which includes:

  • Over 175 acres added to the City to accommodate growth
  • More than 8 acres of blight elimination
  • Over 16 acres of new and improved parkland and green space
  • Four improved City parking lots

Learn more about Property Development Progress in Grand Ledge (PDF).

Public Art Additions

Since 2015, the City of Grand Ledge has installed eight permanent public art pieces through over $45,000 in grants and donations. Learn more about Public Art Progress in Grand Ledge (PDF).