Juvenile Programs

Comet Pride School Resource Officer

The Grand Ledge Police Department is proud to work with the Grand Ledge School District through the Comet Pride School Resource Officer. Through this partnership we are able to maintain an office right in the main office of the high school to have a police presence during the entire school day, including before and after regularly scheduled classes. Officer Chris Chester is currently assigned to the position and works closely with administration staff to ensure the safety and security of both students and staff. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to email Officer Chester.

Youth Liaison Officer

We believe that early intervention is very important in correcting delinquent and criminal behavior and as such maintain a Youth Liaison Officer (YLO). The YLO works closely with the courts and probation department to monitor youthful offenders and assist them in ensuring successful completion of their sentences. The YLO monitors behavior and offers guidance when youth stray from legal behaviors. The YLO also works with the YES Center to promote healthy juvenile development within the City.

Teaching, Education & Mentoring (TEAM) School Liaison Program

The Teaching, Education, and Mentoring (TEAM) School Liaison Program is a school-based "law-related" education program taught by specially trained law enforcement officers. TEAM is a proactive effort to make schools and communities safer, promote responsible citizenship, and encourage positive character traits.


The curriculum has been developed at elementary, middle school, and high school levels to provide students with a thorough understanding of laws and their responsibility as a citizen to obey laws. TEAM is flexible and adaptable to virtually all classroom settings. In Grand Ledge, we have chosen to focus on the middle school level for maximum effectiveness, but we also provide some lessons for both elementary classes and at the alternative high school.

Each lesson is approximately 30 to 40 minutes in length and can be used as a stand-alone program for assemblies or special events, or can be instructed in a consecutive sequence. Working together, the police officer, the classroom teacher, and school official decide when it is most appropriate to incorporate a TEAM lesson that will assist in classroom instruction.


In 1998, TEAM was developed by the Michigan Department of State Police, in collaboration with public and private school curriculum experts. The most widely implemented school health education curriculum Michigan Model was used as the basic foundation to create the TEAM School Liaison Program.


In Grand Ledge, the TEAM School Liaison Program's goal is to unite educators, students, and law enforcement to play an integral part in preventing crime. The philosophy is that while working together as a team we can create relationships and be united in protecting children from becoming victims of crime.