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City of Grand Ledge Police DepartmentThe Grand Ledge Police Department welcomes you to our webpage. We believe that communication and information are key to fostering a solid relationship between a community and its police department. Our webpage will provide you with a variety of information, from our Department's values to overnight parking regulations. You are also invited to explore our Facebook page and use other links on our page to go to special resources in the Grand Ledge Community. Thanks for stopping by.

COVID-19 Updates

The Police Department will continue to provide police service to the businesses and citizens of Grand Ledge, however, we will be limiting our in-person response to high-priority calls. For emergency please call 911. If you need non-emergency police assistance please contact us at 517-627-2115 or email the Department. View COVID-19 updates from City Hall.

Visiting Our Offices

The Grand Ledge Police Department is located at 310 Greenwood; our entrance is on the East Main Street side of the building just off of Greenwood Street. Grand Ledge City Hall has its entrance on North Clinton Street, and the Grand Ledge Building Department has its entrance on Greenwood Street. All Departments have their own entrances marked by large "Comet Blue" overhangs. On-street parking is convenient and available at each department's door.

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