Oakwood Cemetery

About the Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery is located on the north side of the City along Morley and Oakwood streets. The cemetery has some paved and some unpaved roads accessing thirteen platted sections. The cemetery also includes a cremains garden with a paved and landscaped seating area with an arbor and benches, surrounded by 11 developed sections with additional sections planned, and a centrally located mausoleum. The City decorates the cemetery with American flags from Memorial Day through Flag Day and again on Veterans Day.

Oakwood Cemetery is also the resting place of Michigan’s 33rd and 35th Governor, Frank D. Fitzgerald. His family’s obelisk can be seen from almost any point in the cemetery. The cemetery also contains memorials for the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and a memorial bell for all who have fallen protecting America. Visitors will also find a memorial honoring Grand Ledge residents who were lost in the Vietnam War. Oakwood Cemetery is governed by the Board of Cemetery Trustees.

For more information on Oakwood Cemetery or purchasing a plot, please call 517-627-2149.

Genealogy & Grave Locating

Search our Cemetery Management Database to find burial locations in Oakwood Cemetery.

"Find A Grave" is a helpful website where you can search millions of grave records. Visit the Oakwood Cemetery Find a Grave page to search. Please note that Find A Grave is not a City of Grand Ledge website. The City of Grand Ledge is not affiliated with this site, nor do we edit or update the page.

Oakwood Cemetery Cleanup
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