Fitzgerald Memorial Field

Directions to Fitzgerald Memorial Field located at 110 South Bridge Street

Fitzgerald Memorial Field is a 3.11-acre iconic youth baseball diamond, located on the western bank of the Grand River, in the heart of downtown. Dedicated in 1936, the lighted and irrigated field now hosts the Mustang League baseball games (ages 9 and 10) as well as the City's Little League Championship series.

Whether sitting in the bleachers to watch a baseball game or watching the action from up above on Bridge Street, Fitzgerald Memorial Field provides a superior backdrop to take in the beauty of the Grand River, the charm of downtown, and the wholesome fun of a Little League baseball game. 

Fitzgerald Field is also the best spot to admire a striking mural by Michigan artist, Tony Hendrick. Created with local volunteers of all ages, "The Heart and Art of Grand Ledge" depicts life in Grand Ledge, both past, and present, and serves as a prominent reminder of the beauty that can come from a community working together.

On the east side of the fieldhouse building/public restrooms, is "Caught in GL" a spectacular interactive mural by the talented Michigan artist, Art of Adrienne. This 10' tall and 16' wide colorful mural allows visitors to snap photos of them "catching" a mighty Steelhead Trout. 

Park Amenities

* Notes park amenities that can be rented.
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