Riverwalk Trail

New Amenities: Tyler Lee Murphy Memorial Fishing Dock, Informational Fishing Sign, "Caught in GL" interactive mural by Art of Adrienne, and Fish with a Cop events 

Tyler Lee Murphy Memorial Fishing Dock

A 144-square-foot, floating fishing dock was donated by family and friends of Grand Ledge native, Tyler Murphy, to celebrate Tyler's love of fishing in the Grand River and Grand Ledge parks. The new fishing dock is open seasonally from dawn to dusk. There is no charge to utilize the dock. A green canister installed on the dock is a receptacle for used fishing lines and hooks. 

"Caught in GL"

A 10' tall, 16' wide vibrant mural depicts a mighty Steelhead Trout being pulled from the Grand River. Designed and painted by local artist, Art of Adrienne, the mural encourages visitors to get a photo while they "hold the fishing pole" and reel in their catch.

Informational Fishing Sign

With six (6) hand-painted images, donated by Councilmember Tom Jancek, the sign helps visitors identify what type of fish they have caught along with a ruler to check the size. 

Fish with a Cop

In 2022, the Grand Ledge Police Department hosted two (2) Fish with a Cop events. For more information, visit the Fish with a Cop webpage. 

Riverwalk Trail can be accessed at the entrance of Island Park, along Jaycee Park, Fitzgerald Memorial Field, and at the northeastern section of the Wide Walk

The Riverwalk Trail spans over 2,280 feet along the south side of the Grand River and is accessible from Island Park, Jaycee Park, Fitzgerald Memorial Field, and the Wide Walk. The trail is mostly paved with some boardwalk sections. 

Beyond spectacular views of the Grand River, a stroll or jog along the Riverwalk Trail will provide views of the Rollercoaster and Fish artistic bike racks, "Caught in GL" interactive mural, "The Heart and Art of Grand Ledge" mural, and "All Things" sculpture located at the historic Opera House.

Park Amenities

  • Fishing
  • Hiking/Walking
  • Picnic Areas
  • Picnic Tables
  • Public Art 
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