What is a Personal Protection Order and how do I get one?

Personal Protection Order Definition

A personal protection order (PPO) is a court order that can be obtained from a judge. It is available to you if you have suffered or fear abuse related to family violence, dating violence, or stalking. A PPO can provide you with a:

  • Court order for the abuser to stop the abuse
  • Court order for the abuser to be removed from the home for a specified number of days
  • Court order forbidding contact between the abuser and the victim

Obtain a PPO

In order to obtain a PPO, you must go to the Eaton County Circuit Court located on the 2nd floor of the:
Eaton County Court House
1045 Independence Boulevard
Charlotte, MI 48813

The Eaton County Circuit Court can be reached by calling 517-485-6444, ext. 255.

If you have been a victim of abuse and do not know what steps to take, start by getting yourself to a place of safety and calling the police. We can help with information and other assistance.

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