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Aug 16

Storm & Lightning Safety

Posted on August 16, 2022 at 10:54 AM by Hannah Behl

Because lightning can strike anywhere, it is beneficial for homeowners to consider electrical and surge protection devices on the interior and exterior of the home. Interior devices include surge protectors that can mitigate damage to many of the electric appliances and electronics in your home. Exterior devices include whole-house surge protectors and lightning protection systems. These devices provide the highest level of protection, require compliance with local building codes, and require professional installation.

  • Surge Protection Devices- A good electrical grounding system can protect electronics and electrical appliances from all but the most severe electrical surges or direct strikes. Surge protection devices are typically installed at point of use.
  • Lightning protection systems- These systems use rods and cables to create a direct path for lightning to follow to the ground instead of moving through the hose and it’s wiring. Consult a qualified contractor for installation, but note that lightning protection systems will not protect against lightning or power surge that enters through the telephone, cable, or electric lines to the house.
  • Whole House Surge Protection Systems- This device is usually installed on the electric meter and helps protect appliances and electronic equipment in your house. If your local utility provider does not offer installation services, a qualified electrician can install this device.