August 2023 Storm Restoration Updates

Clean-Up Process - Updated: Sept. 26, 2023 @ 10:00 AM

Compost Center

The Compost Center and Recycling Center have returned to normal operating hours of Wednesdays, 3 PM to 7 PM, and Saturdays, 8 AM to 4 PM.

  • The Compost Center is only accessible with a 2023 vehicle pass. Residents can purchase passes at City Hall during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • The sale of Non-Resident Compost Center Passes is currently suspended.
  • Click here for additional information on the Compost and Recycling Centers.

What to do now?

  • Effective Monday, September 11, 2023, NO additional limbs and tree debris from the storm are to be placed at the curb.

    • City crews will be conducting a final inventory of limb and tree debris on Monday, September 11, 2023, for pickup from residents and businesses within City limits.
    • If you are a township resident, please find any published information on your township website:
  • Eaton County residents still in need of assistance with storm debris removal on their property can call 2-2-1.
  • Please make sure that street drains are clear of debris.
  • Whenever possible, please park in your driveway and NOT in front of piles of debris. 
  • Please be patient and stay safe. 

Use CAUTION on City Streets

NOTE: Many detached, large branches remain stuck in trees. These dangerous branches are in trees everywhere around town, along sidewalks, within the parks, and on private properties. These branches may fall at any time. Please use extra caution and avoid walking or standing under any trees that have detached branches above. 

Please report any detached, large branches along sidewalks or in city parks via a Concern Form.

Home Repairs & Permit Applications

Homeowners can pull permits themselves if desired. We have additional inspectors available as needed for building and service/electrical inspections. The following applications can be pulled at City Hall, online through BSA (roofing, siding, windows, or electrical permits), or by emailing them to