"Greetings from Grand Ledge"

Giant Postcard-Style Mural

The Grand Ledge Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in bringing the nationally recognized Greetings Tour mural artists to downtown Grand Ledge. In September 2021, a postcard-style mural, "Greetings from Grand Ledge" was installed in Bridge Street Plaza. The mural was painted on 10' H x 20' W canvas panels and is placed at a perfect height to serve as a backdrop for endless photos. Painted inside the large letters depict the Grand River lined with fall foliage and the iconic sandstone ledges.

Muralist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs lead the Greetings Tour which creates timeless landmarks through public art with a classic large letter, postcard-style murals featuring local landmarks, history, and culture. The Greeting Tour travels the United States and has completed over 50 murals in 25 states continuing its mission to paint in all 50 states across America.

Click here to watch a timelapse of the mural being painted.

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