"The Ledges"

"The Ledges" by Ivan Iller

"The Ledges" sculpture depicts the awe-inspiring and unique sandstone ledges that occur naturally in Grand Ledge. Installed in 2015, "The Ledges" sculpture was designed by artist Ivan Iler, stands nearly 18-feet tall, and is 9-feet wide. The climber affixed to the side of the sculpture recognizes the residents and visitors that frequent nearby Oak Park to admire and climb the ledges. Located at Riverfront Park, "The Ledges" sculpture is centrally located in downtown Grand Ledge overlooking the Grand River. "The Ledges" serves as a reminder of the many beautiful parks and unique recreational opportunities available within Grand Ledge.

"The Ledges" was funded through a partnership with the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) and the City of Grand Ledge.

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