Contact Us

Contact Us

Our office is located at the corner of E. Main St and Greenwood in City Hall at 310 Greenwood Street.

If you have an emergency please call 911 and you will be connected to Central Dispatch so an officer can respond quickest.  If you have any other questions please call us at 517-627-2115 or fax us at 517-627-7877.  

Individual officers can be emailed by clicking on the links below.

Chief Thomas Osterholzer

Lt. Chris Blievernicht

Sgt. Anthony Gatewood
         Sgt. Eugene Heyl

Det. Kirk Dewitt

Ofc. Dick Clark          Ofc. Chris Chester 
Ofc. Jill Fewer 
  Ofc. Sean Read 
Ofc. Dan Crabtree 
  Ofc. Zach Schneider
Ofc. Arianna Ringold 
  Ofc. Art Morrison 
Ofc. Frank Medrano 
  Ofc. Sara Devereaux
Ofc. Darin Larner
  Ofc. Mark Sleep
Ofc. Terra Thie


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