Local Development Finance Authority

Local Development Finance Authority

The Local Downtown Finance Authority promotes and develops the Grand Ledge Willis Industrial Park on M-100 on the north side of the City.

It is a nine member board representing the City, and Eaton County and Lansing Community College because the Authority captures taxes levied by Eaton County and Lansing Community College. The Mayor appoints seven members to the LDFA for four-year terms expiring 25 August, and both Eaton County and Lansing Community College appoint their own representatives. The LDFA meets as needed, in the Council chambers, City Hall, 310 Greenwood St.

For more information about the Local Development Finance Authority, contact the City Administrator, Adam Smith, via asmith@cityofgrandledge.com or at (517) 627-1249.

David Jonas 2018
Rick Lantz           2020
Bruce MacDowell 2018
Keith Mulder 2019
Thom Sowle 2020
Terrance Augustine - Eaton County 2021
Vacancy  2020
Lansing Community College - Vacant 2021

*Members continue to serve beyond term expiration until a successor is appointed.